Love, Tims- The shoot & behind the scenes video footage

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
As Love, Tims has been such a personal project I've decided to tell you a little bit about the bridal shoot. The morning of the shoot I woke up and said a simple prayer. I didn't get much sleep the night before because I was over thinking going over what I had to do in my mind and worrying about how things would go. I must confess I was rather ambitious in my expectations but the truth is it all paid off and we attained the end goal. 20 dresses, editorial and look book shots, 3 models all in 2 days!! Its amazing what you try to achieve when you're on a tight budget and its your own personal money that's been invested!

The location of the shoot was an aunts private residence in VI, Lagos. The home is stately and provided the prefect backdrop. I needed little or no props which made life easier for me. With the models in hair and makeup and Andrea Bocelli's Amore Album playing softly in the background, I thought 'This is it! Its now or never, got to make this work.' This being my first shoot I learnt a lot about shoots and about myself. I've realised how determined I can be when I put my mind to something. Most importantly I have realised how important it is to do what one loves. This is just the beginning for Love, Tims I pray it can only get better. 

I'll keep this short and sweet and say a massive thank you to everyone who made the two days possible.  Thank you to my Aunt and her generous family for opening up their home to me. To my gorgeous models Tolani, Uju and Doyin you guys put in 110% even when you were tired, Thank you. To my photographers, Babs and Chini a massive thank you, the pictures are beautiful. Chini, the loveable rogue thankfully we didn't kill each other :) Idowu the tough nut thank you for providing me with the footage as a way of bringing the day to life. Thanks Jide and Dele Alakija, mwah! My angels; Laolu sisters don't come better. Bods, Funks, Jibs and Mary aka Tara your support means more than you'll ever know. For my Mum you inspire me, all I hope for is to be a success and make you proud. Okay, I better quit this! One would think I'm at the Oscars receiving an award. Far too dramatic. But the truth is gratitude is important without these guys I wouldn't be able to showcase anything.

Click play on the link below for the behind the scenes footage.


These pictures of me are less than flattering to say the very least but in the spirit of being real I'm sharing them. No time for makeup and all that gubbins it was all work, work, work! But I like the pictures because they capture the energy of the shoot.