Getting up to date.....Centre piece galore....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
As discussed in my last post I'm not going to go with any particular structure for this blog, I'm going to let it evolve and find its own 'groove' as I go along. I had already started to share images that inspire me and images that I like. Sharing these images inspired this blog because I realised I was constantly putting up pictures on the Company's Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages  and so I thought why not create a blog where I can share more pictures and more detailed information. So below you will see different centre pieces that I have come across and loved. Needless to say my personal bias for clean, soft, elegant, detailed and romantic pieces is exemplified in my choices. Enjoy.....

I love the grandeur of this centre piece, its mix of the pastel colours, glass and crystals is just so pretty.

The table linen provides a nice contrast and the lamp as a centre piece brings something different that will add to the ambience of the room once the main lights go out.

The shades in this centre piece is what i love, its a simple centre piece yet its stands out visually. At times less is more.

The mix of crystals and white flowers here gives a nice winter feel to the room.

This I like because of the way the flowers and crystals have been draped to fall. Hydrangea's are also a personal favourite because of the robustness it provides.

This is an interesting mix of fruit twigs and flowers.

To add to the drama of a room without necessarily breaking the bank on fresh flowers twigs are a good idea and they can be spray painted any colour.

This is a picture I put up around valentines day for obvious reasons.

This table to me would make for a nice pre-wedding dinner or even very intimate wedding.

I like the subtlety of the pastel colours and how it contrasts with the black, its quite different and interesting.

Here i like the way the table is covered with the mirror, the centre piece is small but the mirror dresses up the table I also like that there's a textured table cloth underneath.

I'm into detail so simply love the Mr. and Mrs. chairs.

Reading is one of my favourite things and i think to have each table named after a romantic novel is just a nice extra touch and a way for the couple to express themselves through their decor.

Simple, yet elegant and a nice use of colour.