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Friday, August 31, 2012

Hello Friends,
Are you as excited for the three day weekend as we are? Are you getting away for a fun road trip?
Three day weekends really are the best. Especially right before summer ends, get the sunshine while you can. The image above really explains it all, doesn't it? It is from our deserves a frame board on our pinterest. Pair the map above with the images here and you have a beachy keen road trip!

How To: DIY Officiating!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The best of weddings make us cry...and it takes one darn good officiant to make that happen!  Lately, more and more of our couples are turning to their friends and family, asking them to officiate over one of the most important moments of their life.  We love this!  One more way to personalize the day and have someone close to them really compliment who they are as a couple and reflect their love story....  but it is no easy feat!  Often those that have been honored with the responsibility are left wondering where to begin.  This is where one of our favorite officiants  J.P. Reynolds comes in!  We were so excited to learn that he has written a new help all those novice wedding officiants and first timers out there to conduct the ceremony! 

As one of the best in the business, he officiated both our twilight inspired wedding and our dog beach inspired wedding. His expertise really shines through during the ceremonies he is involved with and we are thrilled he has shared his knowledge and wisdom for others to learn from. You can purchase his book "How To Officiate a Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremony" here.

So what are some wise ceremony suggestions from the talented J.P. who after orchestrating 1000 ceremonies has nearly seen it all?  We asked J.P. to share a little more advice that we could pass on to all of you! 

Here's what J.P. had to say: 

Give thanks for the past.  Celebrate the present.  Honor the future.

People often think that if they’re not having a religious ceremony, then they’re left with a vaguely imagined “civil” ceremony.  However, there is a third alternative––a ceremony that honors the couple’s life in a way that’s warm, personal and has meaningful ritual.

In creating a ceremony I’m guided by three beliefs.  
1. The ceremony should be simple, have flow, and not bogged down with rituals needing lengthy explanation.  
2. The heart of the ceremony is the vows.  Whatever is done prior to the exchange of vows must lead up to that moment.  
3. My job is to welcome, cheer, and encourage all present.  A ceremony is not a place for a PowerPoint presentation on marriage!  

There are many simple moments that can be incorporated into your ceremony, making it personal for you and uplifting for your guests.  Here are some of my favorite touches.

Reading:  The bride and groom invited another married couple to do a reading together—this couple had set-up the bride and groom on their first date.  They looked to this couple as a role model for married life.

Vows:  Most couples are uncertain if they want to write their own vows.  Many are afraid their vows will sound “cheesy.” Rather than writing “vows,” I suggest you write a “note” in which you tell your partner what he or she means to you. You’re not writing a lengthy letter; rather you’re taking a moment to express something of what is in your heart.  Prior to the couple repeating the traditional vows, I invite them to read aloud their words of gratitude.  Then, after they’ve each spoken from their heart, they repeat after me some variation of the traditional vows.  Many couples like this option because it relieves the stress of writing “vows,” yet gives them a moment to say something personal.  

Rings:  The couple had a very close relationship with each of their mothers.  They wanted to include them in an intimate way and so they had their mothers present the rings—a poignant symbol of blessing and love. 

Unity Ritual:  This is a twist on the “sand ceremony.”  When guests walk up to the sign-in table, they are each invited to place a scoop of white sand into a clear vase.  Before the ceremony, the vase is brought up front to a table near where the couple and I will stand.  On that table are two bud vases each filled with different colored sand.  At the appropriate time, I remind the guests that in ways known and unknown to them their love brought the couple to this moment. The couple then pour their own sand atop the sand already in the vase--symbolizing that their life is built on the love of family and friends. 

Music:  Although the couple had processed in to music, they asked all their guests to sing the recessional song a cappella—the Beatles’ classic “Will You Still Love Me When I’m 64” (lyrics were printed in the program).  Oh, and the bride and groom were each sixty years old!

Lace your ceremony with touches that have emotional meaning to you as a couple and you’ll have a ceremony that reminds guests what life is all about––love, loyalty, family, and friends.

Do that and your guests will head off into the reception excited to celebrate you and the promise of your life together!

Friday's Features

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello Friends,
Friday has arrived and it appears to be a grey day in our neck of the woods. Do you ever feel your mood change with the weather? If so, we hope the bright colors in this post color you happy. Remember Susie and Jared's bright and cheery engagement session? Inspired by This featured it yesterday. Head on over to take a peak at additional photos and to read further into their love story.

We hope our recent pins from pinterest are a quick pick-me-up as well.
Rustic stripes along with the brighter than bright florals
Calming white bouquet with pops of green
Romantic vintage typography cake
Cheese and crackers, always a hit
Embroidery hoop backdrop for ceremony
Beautiful floral and stripe cake display

Are you feeling a bit more cheery, we know we are!


Meet our newest addition...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our newest intern jumped on board yesterday and we could not be more excited to have you meet her. This brown eyed goldy's style has been richly influenced by her travels and exposure to different cultures. Tiffany had the opportunity to live in Europe during her earlier years. She is a beauty on the inside and out. Look for her on Saturday mornings garage sale-ing in search of the best piece of furniture to refinish.

Her take on weddings?
"I love seeing something that started out as a little girls dream... to months and months of planning and day the moment she walks down the aisle and sees her groom and beautiful surroundings come to life. It's incredible to be apart of that process."

Here is a taste of Tiffany's style in this mood board she created.

Quirky tidbits about Tiffany
Q:Red or pink?
A: How about Coral? 
Q:Scary movies or happy endings?
A: Happy endings... you wont ever catch me watching a scary movie.
Q:Hugs or kisses?
A: Both and preferably at the same time but only from the Huz
Q:Summer or winter?
A: Summer!! Nothing beats the heat like the beach
Q:Deep down what do you really want to be?
A:Do I have to choose one? Interior designer, wedding Enthusiast, jewelry extraordinaire 
Q:Favorite smells?
A:The smell of asphalt right after it rains, bacon on Saturday morning, volcano candle from Anthro
Q:What is your favorite flower?
A: Peony & ranunculus
Q:Where do you turn for inspiration?
A: Thrift stores, pinterest, blogs

Inspired by This: Blues & Greys

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This stone mosaic pathway is a work of art. Adding art into your everyday creates inspiration for everyone. We wish sidewalks everywhere had as much character as this beauty. Do you not just love the blues and greys? We loved it so much we thought we would create a color board made out of it for you to enjoy.

Images found here

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello Friends,

We have lots in store for the upcoming week. Most of all we are anticipating the introduction of our newest intern. She starts on Tuesday and her cactus cooler board shouts style. Do not miss it!
And the images above? From our favorite pins of course. Check them out.

Hand written bar menu
Hidden mint glitter sandals
Gold braided cake
Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie
Rustic leather guest books

Have a great weekend and we will catch you back here next week!


Our Inner Mexican

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Recently we were notified by Rubio's that they now are catering in our favorite style, with a taco truck. The menu items have our mouths watering. Such an array of styled tacos. From the original fish taco to a sesame soy fish taco to a portobello and poblano taco for our vegetarian amigos, this menu is sure to please all guests. We highly suggest you check out their taco truck. Now if you do not mind, we might just head on over to Rubio's now to satisfy our inner Mexican. What can we say, we are from San Diego!

image found here

Friday's Features

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello Friends,

Does the saying above speak to your heart the same way it speaks to ours? It sounds like a great beginning to a powerful love. If you recognize it that could be because it was one of our pins this week.  You can purchase this sweet saying over here. Want some more of our favorites from pinterest this week?

diy gold envelope edge
sparkly chevron tablecloth that was a fav. from one of our last photo shoots!
great mascara
vintage room
thunder bow
wall pattern
things piled un-neatly

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Have a happy weekend!

Inspired Shoot: Where The Wild Things Are

Thursday, August 9, 2012
Children's minds are full of imagination. It is no surprise that we are able to find an abundance of inspiration from their story books. One of our very favorites is Where The Wild Things Are. We were able to do an inspired shoot for Ceremony Magazine based on this adventurous tale. The wild rumpus began with fiercely lush centerpieces created by Twigg Botanicals. Crowns were appropriately placed at each setting where tags by Brightly Designed identified where each individual character should rest. All of the bold photographs were taken by the lovely Jennifer Dery.

"And now, cried Max, "Let the wild rumpus start!"

Engaging: Maria & Nick

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
So excited to introduce you to one of our cute duos, Maria and Nick!  This playful couple met while serving in the armed forces and were attracted to each other's inner strength and drive. Maria is a confident southern belle from Texas with her motto being "strong is the new skinny".  Nick is a California guy who if turned into a car would be the Bat Mobile (the rugged one in the newer movies). When this active duo is not participating in a mean crossfit workout they are enjoying themselves at the Melting Pot or having a nice romantic dinner while sipping on some wine. We are approaching their colorful and fun September wedding that we have plans to make just as unique as they are and we can't wait!

Thanks to Kelly from Bubba-Loo Photography for sharing these lovely engagement photographs of our beautiful couple.

Friday's Features

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello Friday!

We are chipper little tweeting birds today, our wedding inspired by Grimm's fairy tale stories was just featured on Style Me Pretty. How could that not bring smiles to our faces? Head on over there to take a peak!

The images above are some of our favorite pins this week from our pinterest. We hope you like them as much as we do.
A DIY for catchy phrased matchbox wraps
Handsome burlap wrapped boutonniere
Gold-Dipped flatware
Cute fruit cups created out of seed starting pots
Collection of rose hued vintage glass
Wildly flowing bouquet from this garden shoot

We cannot wait to see you back here next week, we have so much to share. A look back at  our
"Where the Wild Things Are" inspired shoot and some fun engagement photos are both in store.


Real Wedding: Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Making plans is always part of a good event..but in this case we got to feel like architects as we drafted out all the fun details for Alicia and Aaron's big day! We created an intimate and welcoming space that could not have felt more like home as they celebrated their vows surrounded by friends and family.

Upon learning that "If my heart was a House" by Owl City was the couple's favorite song, we were quickly inspired by its lyrics and began to play with imagery of blue print, doors and vintage keys. For those of you that don't know this song or those that do and just want to hear it again, you can take a listen HERE while watching their emotional wedding video by NR3. I'll never forget how it made my 5 year old whisper while watching it "this is making water in my eyes". So cute. This is definitely one worth taking a look at or watching just that one more time.

Then, while in our first design meeting and discussing their concept we also further learned that Alicia and Aaron just happened to have a photography collection of doors from their various around the world romantic getaways. How perfect is that? Now this wasn't just any collection of door pictures..these were GORGEOUS, colorful and lovely door images that we were just beside ourselves when we saw. We just knew this was meant to be and couldn't resist incorporating these into the wedding to personalize things a bit more! Brightly Designed creatively worked them into the darling invitations as part of the rsvp cards which later found their way back into the reception that we will share with you more on below. First one to spy them wins! :) 

For color inspiration we played to the blue in blueprints while also bringing out the vibrant colors of a feathered peacock (found roaming the grounds) along with pops of pink that really came through in the gorgeous florals by Twigg Botanicals
For a fun way to welcome the guests into the wedding and to their tables we painted this old door blue that we found and added delicate colored doorknobs from which old vintage keys hung and lead guests to their tables. Alicia and Aaron's wedding date was strategically hidden in the door numbers. Table names were inspired by various rooms in a home and keys led to such tables as the attic, the pantry, and the nursery (where the young at heart were appropriately placed).

Adding another interactive element to each place setting were heart shaped paper knock knock jokes, some that we personalized with the bride and groom's names and a fun way to bring an easy smile to guests faces.

Did you spy the door rsvp cards and how we re used them at the reception? Take another look up above at a cost effective and fun way to re-purpose those while also adding another design touch to the backdrop.

Sweet Cheeks delivered again with all types of pretty confections and tasties and the weathervane pointed the guests in the right direction while the doily bunting we created added some festivity. 

From the wandering peacocks to the touching moments and  all the tiny details in between, Trevor Hoehne captured it all!  We can't thank him enough for all of his talent!  We so wish we got to work with him more! Alicia and Aaron, it is clear why you two are nurses and so good at what you do...we are sure you will always take care of one another!  We're so grateful  you let us in on all the planning fun and allowed us to get to know you.  We know that doors will continue to open in your favor.  Wishing you much happiness!