Engaging: Lora + Bryce

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We haven't had the chance to meet Bryce & Lora, yet in person, because we have a long distance relationship going on with them right now : ) Regardless, we are so excited that their October wedding is coming up shortly!

We've had a blast putting together all the details for their big day and can't wait to share it with you! Wanna hint at what to expect? Lora is sporting the gorgeous aqua color that we will be incorporating into elements of the wedding.....

How sweet are these two? It's astounding that Kamee June took all these incredible shots in just twenty minutes! We are excited to see what she will capture on their wedding day : )

a kiss is still a kiss

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Okay, with the craziness of wedding season we must admit we are busy playing catch up with all the absolutely fun weddings we still have to share with you from this year BUT we have every good intention to be caught up soon! Rachelle & Scott were married in January and we thought it was about time to feature some of the details that went into making this affair so one of a kind!

Rachelle & Scott approached us with lots of ideas and wanted to incorporate elements such as pearls, jazz music, and classic films into their big day. Naturally, we went in the direction of old Hollywood glam and were inspired by films such as, The Great Gatsby and Casablanca. However, we wanted to infuse the vintage theme with a fun, modern twist, so we chose a bright color palette and customized details to offset the classically romantic vibe.

Rachelle's mother, Donna Anderson, is one crafty lady! Not only is she the owner of the fabulous, A Dressy Ocassion, but she also took on the task of making all the beautiful table runners and napkins herself. The gorgeous damask fabric was imported from Asia and was used throughout the wedding in unexpected places.

In keeping with the Casablanca feel, we incorporated the famous line "a kiss is still a kiss," into the graphic elements of the wedding. Which were designed by the fabulously talented, Cortney Scowby, of Brightly Designed. She also created little cards with sweet quotes about love & kisses that we placed on the tables for guests to read throughout the night.

For favors the guests received delicious little Hershey kisses cookies! Who doesn't love a good kiss?

Amorology also created a custom candy bar station just for the wedding. We filled the candy bar with all types of goodies like chocolate candy kisses in every flavor, cherry jellybeans, red vines, hot tamales, blue rock candy and of course chocolate smooches!

Flowers played a huge part in adding a classic element of old Hollywood romance and Allyson of Heritage flowers did a stellar job creating wildly, romantic flowers for the wedding. We worked with Allyson very closely to find the perfect flowers in just the perfect shades of red. We were so thrilled with the outcome of all her hard work! We also added a little bit of playfulness to the flowers with the giant pearls that were peeking out of the arrangements.

We love LOVE loved the cake that Davlyn of Flour and Flower Designs created for Rachelle & Scott! She created a custom stencil to match the damask print and copied the design on to different tiers of the cake. The cake was actually a cheesecake cake and it was so delicious!!

We created the custom cake box for the wedding and we also hung all the pretty paper lanterns above to showcase the cake in all it's glory : )

The guests had so much fun in front of this customized photo backdrop that we designed and created from left over fabric. It made for some super cute photo ops : )

It was so great having Jamie Hammond there to capture all the beautiful details and also Benny Ek, who created a lovely video for the couple. Without their hard work we could never have all these beautiful memories documented. Many happy wishes and kisses to Rachelle and Scott!

Give me 5

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today you are 5. You still fill my life with music and laughter and now the occasional random facts about dinosaurs. You still dress up as a knight and fight dragons while rescuing your sister the princess and you still plan on marrying Tinkerbell. You still love bean and cheese burritos. You say you were cooked on them because I ate so many while you were in my belly. You still come in to snuggle with me when you have a bad dream and you still hold my hand. I hope you'll hold it forever. Today I told you I loved you and you told me you knew that already. I told you I didn't want you to ever forget. You said you'd never forget even when you got big because you would always take visits to me and all the people you love. I thought for a moment how that was a long way off and then I remembered that....

You'll be heading off to kindergarten next week. It has come so quickly. so so quickly. BUT...I think you are ready. This year has been one of great milestones:

You have cut your sister's hair this year...I mean really cut it! You have learned to operate the tv remote control all by your self and purchase Spanish pay per view movies...all by yourself. You have graduated from pre-school and flooded grandpa's house. You have your first backpack and your first pair of glasses which you love and look incredibly handsome in. You have learned to read a little bit and make the perfect smoothie. You learned how to snowboard and formed your first band. You can buckle your seat belt all by yourself and tie your shoe with care and a little patience.

I am so amazed by you everyday and feel so incredibly lucky to be your mommy. I love you my birthday boy! I can't wait to see what this next year holds.

Finn with his best friends and band mates, Noah and Carson.