Black And White and Yellow All Over!

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Hi Everyone! We're returning from a busy weekend but wanted to get a few things up for you this week. Here are more pictures from Megan and Brendan's bold, black and white damask wedding, taken by yours truly at Amorology. We by NO means claim to be photographers but every once in a while get a chance to capture some of the details of our weddings and it of course always reminds us just how much we love our real photographers!

With a palette of black, white and yellow, the pops of yellow were so much fun to play with. Here are some of our favorite shots and details of the day.

I loved the black and white furniture and the tents we brought in to give dimension to the space.

The flowers were done by Twigg Botanicals and offered another beautiful pop of yellow.

On the bride's list of priorities was chandeliers. While it was a little bit of a challenge on the wide open grass lawn..these black chandeliers added just the right touch to the tents to really dress them up while adding the extra light we needed....and we found a way to incorporate chandeliers!!

I love this shot from the day. It really shows how beautiful the setting was!

Megan was now officially a Tobler, so their guests were treated to sweet boxes of mini Toblerone candy bars!

The reception was full of amazing desserts like this lemon tart as well as the candy station we custom created for the couple in their corresponding colors!

One of our favorite candy items from the day: candy much fun!

David, the DJ from Hit It Music, was such a good sport about being our model :)

Always a sign of a good party when the shoes come off!

A very special thank you to Stephina Photography for editing our amateur photography shots for us. We had so much fun snapping these photos, and even more fun putting together this special day for Megan and Brendan!!!

Sneak Peek: Megan & Brendan

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet the Toblers! Good people! Some of the best. Maybe some of you remember them from Kristin and Chris' Parisian wedding HERE. We had such a great time with that wedding! I had the chance to work with them again for the second wedding in their family and of course it was a pleasure as always. I love when I get to work with the families again after having had time to get know and love them the first time around. Megan is clearly a beautiful addition to the family too.

More pictures and details soon to come from Brendan and Megan's bold black and white damask wedding.

Pictures by the brides mom of daisies and dandelions.

Engaging: Hilda and Abel

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
When our bride, Hilda came to us, we couldn't be more excited to work with her! Her enthusiasm for a do-it-yourself wedding has been great to witness, and her sweet attitude has been a blessing. She and Abel are getting married at the Marston House Garden in Balboa Park, with a lunch reception at The Prado in October.

I love these fun shots taken by Kay at I'm loving all of the colors they got to work with at the Spanish Village in Balboa Park, around Little Italy and at Coronado Landing! Can't wait to work with them on their special day!

Super Duper

Sunday, September 13, 2009
So while I'm on a SUPER kick this week...I've got to mention my LOVE for this little tube of SUPER Power. It is the perfect remedy for when Super Heroes decide to put pillow cases over their head while jumping on the bed. Despite how many times we have chanted no more monkeys jumping on the did seriously fall off and bonk his head! Not just any little bonk mind you but a head splitting, gushy kind of bonk that makes a mom quite sqeemish. Luckily when we called my favorite ER Doc, Uncle Craig...he pointed us in the direction of this little tube of glory and a steady-handed Daddy sealed things right up.

Seriously, No More Monkeys jumping on the bed!!