Engaging: Paige & Doug

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Paige and Doug are just as kind and sweet as they are beautiful. Amorology is so excited to see their carnival wedding come to life June 12th! The day is going to be filled with fun, games & surprises. Do you think the guests will be expecting a ferris wheel?! ( Yup a ferris wheel at this wedding folks!)   Candice Stowell is the wonderful photographer that shot the couple in Newport Beach's fun zone. The perfect place to prep guests for a night of fun at Paige & Doug's carnival wedding. Thank you Candice for sharing these amazing & fun pictures with us! 

Paige and Doug you could win the title for Worlds Cutest Couple! 
 I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

Memorial Day

Monday, May 25, 2009
proud to be an American. 

photo taken 1914 in Manchester, New Hampshire weighing 200 pounds. each star is one yard across. huge flag uh?! photo via martha stewart magazine

Yia and Saul: Entwined

Friday, May 22, 2009
Amorology had the opportunity to work with Yia and Sal  and we loved her soft palette of colors and all of the twine and textural elements.  We just had to share.  It was organic and rustic but soft and pretty all at the same time.  
The ruffly rununculus are one of my all time favorite flowers.   There is something so sweet about them.  

all of the beautiful flowers were done by Paula of Rae Florae who is just as sweet as she is talented.  I especially adored  Yia's bouquet and Sal's boutonierre with it's hint to the SEA (also the groom's initials).

 I Love Love Loved Sal's suit.  Seriously, it's amazing the difference a good suit can make.  The two of them were fashion at its finest and beautiful together in every way.  


The cake was simply stunning and delectable by Elaine from Sweet Cheeks Baking.  It was the perfect complement to the tasty food by Barry from Coast Catering .  Delicious evening all around! ... and the roses at The Darlington were in full blo0m and breathtaking!  

The table was set with kraft paper numbers, rustic frames that held the menu, mason jars filled with flowers and tied with twine.  Candlelit mercury glass added to ambiance.  

Kraft paper boxes tied with twine doubled as favors and escort cards,  holding mexican wedding cookies and fortune cookies to represent the blending of their two cultures.  

Yia and Sal, you are darling and sweet and have been such a Joy to work with! It was so much fun to share in your day.  We wish you all the best in your life to come.  

All of the STUNNING photography was done by Paloma Images.  Be sure to take a look at their collection of work.  They have quite a portfolio.  

Engaging: Kaitlyn & Jordan

Thursday, May 14, 2009
Kaitlyn and Jordan have set the date for August 14th!  I'm so excited to be 
working with them on what will be a vintage Hamptons sea worthy event.  The planning fun has begun and there is sure to be lots of details to look forward to.  Having
 Amelia Lyon in the mix too is making me
so excited I can hardly stand it.  Thanks Amelia 
for these gorgeous pictures!  

Below is Amelia's favorite shot of the day... she said " Kaitlyn's eyes look insane here." I would have to agree with that. Stunning uh?! 

This is one of my favorite shots along with of course the boat pictures below.  I love the softness and texture of the sand here and how beautiful their eyes look as well in this photo!  

This is Robyn's favorite shot and I think my very favorite too- Loooove it. 

How to choose?  Anyone else have some input or favorites.  This is going to be a tough one.  :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009
 Hope you moms and future moms out there are having a wonderful day! 

 I'm going out to sushi with my mom today - sushi is her favorite food. ;) What about you? You doing anything fun for mom today?
 I thought this picture was perfect to celebrate my mother today too... seeing as it's her fault I'm in love with the beach. As a little girl we used to go there every weekend to explore the tide-pools and dance with the waves on the shore. I'm not a mom yet, (this is Robyn speaking) but I hope to take my kids there someday too... I know they'll love beach days with mom as much as I did. 

photo found here.

cake box casualty

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So...the week has continued to get more interesting. Excuse me all my beautiful brides who are looking for pretty things. I'm venturing into the darker side of wedding planning. Last night as I was having my husband put the finishing touches on a cake box we were making for his brother's wedding something went awry. The safety on the nail gun wasn't working and accidentally sent a full long nail through his finger. I'm talking through the bone. Yuck!! He was off to the hospital with his Dad who had been there just less than a week earlier with his daughter. Talk about one crazy week. :(

While he was gone, Finn's Uncle Todd decided to Doctor up Finn to look like his Daddy so he could surprise him when he got back. Finn being the true natural actor he is, put on his best grumpy face and gave us a good laugh. I have the real pictures of Troy's finger but decided they might scare some of you out there the way they did me. Oh my ...it still makes me shiver thinking about it. Anyway the nail is now out after some bolt cutters, pliers, a good doctor and a lot of onlooking nursers. My poor husband. There's nothing like a little physical pain to distract you from the emotional pain. Here's to hoping next week is full of pretty posts.
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