calling all creative

Saturday, July 26, 2008

So we just finished up a photo shoot for San Diego Style Weddings Magazine yesterday in which we were asked to do a concept and design for a table scape. It was so much fun!! I paired up with my mom from Twigg Botanicals who did the florals and we got to work!
One of my favorite details of the day...kind of a last minute idea to go with our favors
The linens that Wildflower had could not have been more perfect! We were so excited to find these! Everything they have is beautiful though..linens to inspire and hundreds of weddings waiting to happen!
We must have changed our concept at least 3 times...but were finally inspired by this tea canister with the beautiful elephant. Our concept quickly became titled "Tea in China". Sidenote: We learned that day from the very talented Haydee of Haydee's florals that an elephant with it's trunk up means good fortune. Isn't that so appropriate for a wedding theme too. I loved that! Unfortunately...I've already done a good fortune themed wedding...and this wedding quickly moved from China to somewhere in Bombay. It took on a much more Indian type feel and we have been left without a title!
So...this is where I'm enlisting all of your creative help and inner genius. We haven't come upon just the right name for our table and I was hoping you could help. As of now, we named it "Indian Ocean". Any other ideas? Something with Bombay perhaps, tea,tangerine or mandarin orange. Please.....anything that comes to mind. I would love to hear any and all ideas and hey it may just make it into the magazine. THANKS in advance and love to you all! I'll have the real professional pictures soon to share. Stay posted!!

sharing the love...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Warmest thanks to Emily over at Once Wed for featuring our Teacher's Pet wedding on her site as well as Elizabeth Anne Designs! Emily, it turned out great...thank you for allowing us to be a part of it! Dana and Lee's weddings was one of my favorites!

Any brides to be or brides have-been that have not seen Once Wed as of yet, NEED to take a stop over there. Emily has created a perfect place for buying and selling wedding gowns that never quite made it down the aisle or have been once worn. It is such a great resource and what's even more... it is a perfectly free service! Much love to Emily for her genius concept and fantastic resource she has made available!

Ta Da....

Monday, July 21, 2008
Rebeka and Ami from Elizabeth Anne Designs just sent over this exciting new announcement and I just had to share!

"We are incredibly excited to announce our new project, The EAD Library. After months of development and research, we are launching a new resource for brides tomorrow, Tuesday July 22nd. The Library is filled with hundreds of useful links, from photographers to shops to stationers. Our goal is a simple, comprehensive list of vendors. The Library will help every bride, no matter her location, find the vendors and inspiration she needs for a beautiful event. "

The library is officially open...take the time to peruse for an hour or two! What a great resource that is now available at the fingertips of every bride! Keep the inspiration coming ladies. We love it!

engaged: jack and emily

Sunday, July 20, 2008

how can you not smile with this picture?

Emily, seriously...gorgeous

I love all the colors in these images... these shots are such a good indication of what is to come in their event. A little island flair and a lot of fun!
Here comes...October 4th! Congratulations Jack and Emily! I couldn't be more excited for you!

I love these engagement photos taken in Encinitas by Natalie and all the fun they had taking them. It seemed like they must have traveled to at least 5 different locations and then somehow ended up at the local Jamaican restaurant that will be catering the big day and had dinner together! Always a good time with Jack & Emily and then throw Natalie in to the mix and you have a party! What a great group! There definitely was an instant connection there and as a planner nothing makes me happier than to play match maker and connect my couples with vendors they love!

Looks like fall is going to be beautiful!

little drummer boy

Saturday, July 19, 2008
Anything music...and our little Finn is all about it. Just the other day in the car while we were listening to the radio he said, " I hear a trumpet and a drum". We were listening to Sublime at the time and so of course, there was a trumpet and a drum. I'm always amazed at what he can hear. He is always listening. I have to sometimes remember that now these days, as he has also become a little parrot...repeating everything we say.
I love these pictures that Shelly caught while Finn was getting some quality time with Uncle Erik and Aunt Kindsay. He adores them! He was ready to get on a plane and fly to Hawaii the day they left. Come back soon you guys. We already miss you! Finn's band is not the same without you!

storybook baby...

Kindsay returned home from Hawaii, with a baby in the belly and just enough time for us to spoil her with a shower! I decided to do a children's book theme. Reading with my little ones has always been one of my most favorite pastimes and I wanted to give Kindsay and Erik and their little baby girl on the way something they could really treasure together.

With the help of some family, we gathered each of our favorite books to start (Ruby or Hazel, Hazel or Ruby's?) first book collection.

Erik's mom, Shelly let us know that "Where's Waldo" was one of Erik's all time favorites as a little boy. He would draw his own pages of Where's Waldo and then proceed to go around the neighborhood in attempts to sell them. He was a little entrepreneur even at a young age! Thank you to Shelly for the delicious Where's Waldo Strawberry STRIPED cake as well as her photographs that documented all the fun! We Love Shelly!
"The Runaway Bunny" was always Kindsay's favorite book as a little girl..I still remember reading this with her. I love how the flower arrangement by our mom of Twigg Botanicals had cute little runaway bunnies in it! It was such a fun detail.
We ate tasty Baby Bunny's Carrot Cake made by my sidekick host & Kindsay's best friend Kassey. Delicious and darling. Thanks Kassey for all of your help!

We nibbled on The Hungry Caterpillar's fruit salad

and drank Olivia's Piggy Punch

"Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See" by Bill Martin reminds us of our big handsome Kobie we had to add this classic favorite.

This is a favorite in Richie and Natalie's home. With 3 little boys how could this not be a favorite? Poop anything is a big hit with a group of boys under 5 years old! Of course we had to have "sheet cake" to go along with this! Nothing like a little potty talk and a treat.

Skyler contributed his favorite mom had made up a little song to sing along with this to him as he grew up. Even when he was a teenager I think he secretly still liked to hear it.
Blake's favorite...he always wanted to go by a crunk car!
Micah's favorite... He still to this day calls our mama, mother bird
and my little Finn's favorite...maybe beacause it was his daddy's favorite and he has so much fun reading it with him.

Presents! Presents!

Kindsay, Kassey and Baysil
me and Milla
oohs and ahhs for little baby clothes

...and on the right is our mama bird ...aka " the robin"

It was such a fun evening! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate! Kindsay, I love you and am so excited for my new little niece. You are beautiful in every way and I know she will be too! How lucky she is to be coming to such amazing parents and a group of people that already love her!