this just in.....

Friday, April 25, 2008
the much anticipated photos from alison and eric's fabulous lovebird wedding are nearly in...and Sara France has sent us a sneak peak slideshow. Take a looksy at:

I could not be happier with the way they have turned out and how beautifully Sara was able to capture the feeling of what was such an amazing day! The bird and groom could not be any cuter could they? It was so evident the whole day not only how happy they were and how much fun they were having but how in love they are with each other. You should have seen the way they looked at each other on the dance floor. Couples like this make me forget that I am actually working, they make me laugh and at times they make me miss them! Alison and Erik you are in for a life that is full of fun and adventure....anyone that knows you as I now sure to know that. Here's to you and your journey to forever! Much love to you both!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

cause our little finn is officially potty-trained! What a big boy you are! We are so proud of you! We of course had to deliver Mickey mouse's house as promised....

and....a little mini (minnie) mouse!

It was a big day in the balliet household. No more finn diapers! In the morning we awoke as usual by finn climbing into bed with us. Amid morning snuggles he asked, "finn go night night one more time...and then go disneyland?" to which we responded that there would be no more night nights before disneyland. Once he found that out...there would be no more waiting! He was ready! He began tugging on our arms and legs while repeating, " I want the balliets get up, I want the balliets get up! " His excitement was contagious!

We headed out for finn's special day with nanny, grandpa, uncle skyler and finn's all time hero uncle blake to celebrate his big achievement! We dropped our little mini milla mouse off with aunt suzy and shelby and finn could not have been more anxious to get there. He loved it all...the flying elephants and rockets and his mouse ears. There were way more scary things than I ever remembered at disneyland...and the occasional squeals of terror but all in all I think it may have been the perfect special day.

He especially loved the cars that he seriously was convinced he was driving on his own. He was so cute and would have driven our car home from disneyland had we let him. Just the other day he stole my keys, grabbed a skate deck out of the garage, hopped in the car, locked the doors and started up the car in the driveway. When I ran to the window and told him to turn off the car, he told me he was going surfing. Of course he was! It took a lot of talking him out of the car...uncle micah was finally able to get him to unlock the door! Ugggh. Anyway, I cannot remember disneyland being that fun. I know he has definitely found a new happy place. It may just be finn's happiest place on earth! Thank goodness for annual passes.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Finn just asked if we got more "for milla" at the store. I was just laughing at how cute he was and had to share. I love watching how his little mind works.

do me a favor?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wedding favors are one of those extra little touches that make a big impact at your table...a little extra something that says "hey, I care about you. thanks for being here with me today"

I always advise my brides to choose something that will either be used or eaten....otherwise any time or effort you took in putting them together will be left on the table at the end of the night, right next to where you placed the favor to begin with.

A special treat is in fact just that " a special treat" and something your guests will enjoy.

One of my favorite vendors for favors is Liz Chou of The Cookie Chew. She fills boxes with scrumptious treasure cookies. What are treasure cookies? They are a cookie with a surprise piece of candy baked into the center. Yum! Peanut butter cup, toffee, peppermint..they are all tasty and baked from scratch. Not only are they delicious but they are the cutest little gourmet cookies that have been hand designed to correspond to their flavor. I highly recommend you try one today, maybe two or three. I just heard Liz will be opening her very own bakery! Congratulations Liz! It has been so fun to watch you grow!

Whether or not your favor can be eaten..there is something to be said about packaging! In the past I have teamed up with the cookie chew to insure that the packaging added a corresponding element to the table decor for my brides. Favors can bring added interest and color to your table. Yes, believe it or not, tying all those ribbons and sealing with monograms can be worth it. Especially, when your wedding planner is doing it! It is a great avenue for carrying your theme while expressing your personality and love for food, music or whatever it may be. Any other favorite or unique ideas for favors? We would love you to share them!

then came...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Milla Day Balliet
our sweet little quiet, cuddly, cooing girl who has been an angel since the day she was born and allows her mommy to get so much work done. What a blessing she has already been to our family!

Our new family of four!

first comes love, then comes marriage, then...

comes 9 months of wedding planning, a big tummy, fat feet, smiles and slobbery belly kisses!

Lots of weddings was the secret to one fast pregnancy! Time never flew so quickly! I had two weddings in one weekend and 5 days later....

sneak peek

Somewhere in a tuscan villa in San Diego...Jenn & Able got married. My favorite prego photographer Jamie caught it all.

This was the brides inspiration picture. The whole wedding concept and colors spun off of this one piece that was showcased at the wedding ceremony

Did I mention the tent? I LOVED the tent! and the flowers...absolutely gorgeous. Thank you Twigg Botanicals!

Congratulations Jenn and Able! You are a wonderful and sweet couple who deserve each other!

tic tac toe....

Friday, April 4, 2008

three weddings in a row! It has been a busy last month! I started with Alison and Eric's wedding which was so fun, I still lay awake at night thinking about it! Let's just say there was a choreographed dance with the bridal party and group of 30! Need I say more? Yes! The tent was transformed into a forest complete with branches and little nests for our lovebirds. I can't wait to share more of the details. Amazing shots are on the way by the lovely and Oh, so talented Sara France!

The week that followed, was Jenn and Able's wedding. It was centered around a Tuscan theme and the bride's time spent in Italy. There was of course bruscetta, italian sodas, gelato and breadsticks that were placed down the table among the flowers and italian ruscus. Can I just say...I loved the table scape...and the tent...oh, the tent! Many of the guests remarked that they felt as if they were in a little Tuscan villa...and so it seemed. It was romantic, elegant and intimate and exactly what I had hoped to be able to create for the couple. I got to hang out with Jamie Hammond and her assistant Jessika that day while she shot the wedding. Always fun! I'm planning on putting up a few of these photos in the next post.

This last weekend I spent up in Orange County at the Casa Romantica with Ciara and Nick. I had so much fun with them and their bridal party. What a great group! The location was breathtaking as it overlooked the ocean. There was candlelight everywhere, butterflies, and touches of pale pink and brown. One of the highlights of the evening was the creation of videographer, Daniel of dvartistry. He was able to edit his footage on site and show a short 5 min clip of the bride and groom's preparations for the day as well as the ceremony. It was absolutely beautiful and touching, not to mention amazing what he was able to pull together in such a short amount of time. I also had the opportunity to work with Angie gaylor who is not only in a league of her own photography wise...but incredibly personable. It was so fun getting to meet her. She was excited about the shots she was getting that day and I'm excited to see the final product. Each of these weddings have been so VERY different and I have loved them all. I must say I am looking forward to a little time this weekend playing with my cute kids who have been so good during all the wedding busyness.

music to my ears

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finnian Jack Balliet. That is his name if you ask him. He was born to be a performer. In fact, one of his first words was pick (guitar pick that is). We couldn't figure out for the longest time what he was asking us for! Now, not only do we have one musician in the family...but two! Our sweet little Finn is always entertaining us, singing us songs and making us laugh. Usually he is all about singing some serious rock and roll while stomping his little foot and bobbing his head to the beat...but every once and a while we can get him to sing a soft song. Natalie captured some of my most favorite pictures of quiet time with the boys singing together the night night song Troy wrote for Finn and sings him to sleep with. I'm not going to lie, sometimes when I hear his little voice singing with his daddy it makes me all teary eyed. I love my little music maker.

The good night song:

When the darkness of the world climbs through your window
Just look up into the sky, the stars will shine to show
I love you, goodnight I love you.

When you wake up in the morning, you will see the sun
When you wake up in the morning, a new day will have begun
I love you, goodnight I love you.

Someday you'll be big, find a new place to live
Have a child of your own to sing this song to
Tell them....
I love you, good night I love you.

I love you, good night I love you.